At Rose Briar Art it is our mission to provide our clients and patrons with art that is hand-crafted, beautiful, and authentic.

We appreciate the value of beautiful things, and we know you do too. Rose Briar Art studio was created as a way to give voice to the vision and mission of illustrator and surface pattern designer Charlotte MacDonald. Here, it is our delight to think up beautiful and charming designs that are simply begging to situate themselves on your lovely products. 

We’ve done the hard work of studying the world; of learning how to capture it in our specific way. We’ve learned to bewitch and beautify so that your vision can become.

View our portfolio of designs to see what we have available for licensing or contact us if you'd like to collaborate. 


On process

"I would say the main difference in my work and process is how I create. I am very spontaneous and intuitive. I don’t like to plan, sketch or over edit. This gives my work a strong, confident,  fluid look. It lends to quality “something else” that's very authentic. My personal style focuses heavily on ink. I excel at line art and my illustrations are most distinct and successful when these elements of texture and hand-drawn technique come through."

Meet Our Designer

Charlotte "Char" MacDonald has been illustrating since childhood and has always taken a liking to the old-fashioned look of brush and ink. She endeavors to be well-known for her ink work which is the most notable thing about her signature style. Growing up in the wood and thicket of a southern-Maine valley has inspired much of the art she creates and her philosophy of living. 

Our Values


At Rose Briar Art we strive to uphold our values of Pride, Authenticity, Creativity and Trust. This is the PACT we make with our clients and customers. Here is what it means to us:


Pride - we have pride in who we are as a business and what we create. We have respect for our craft and community.


Appreciation - we seek to celebrate you as a creative person of taste. We appreciate your busy schedule, and are thankful for your business.


Curiosity - we embrace a spirit of adventure in seeking novel ways of creating and doing business. We are always looking for creative solutions to problems and new ways to add unexpected charm to our work. 


Trust - it is our goal to conduct business openly and authentically. We may love an air of mystery, but there are no secrets when it comes to our practices.

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